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Ready to book your catamaran yacht for the perfect sailing vacation? Imagine this… Your skipper calls you up on deck as your private catamaran floats into a picturesque Sardinia or Corsica cove for the afternoon. You lay back on the deck as the warm sun sets over the sea and the glowing beach below presents the backdrop for the night ahead. You close your eyes and listen to the soft slapping of the waves on the side of your catamaran, and you can smell a delicious seafood dinner cooking in the kitchen. It’s the most perfect moment, and one that’s impossible to recreate when staying in a hotel..

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"We could not have been more pleased. Ten of us took Bella Vita on a fifteen day trip around the Corsica. The catamaran was fabulous, the skipper was amazing and the island was beautiful. Most importantly, from day one and our first communication with them, we felt totally confident dealing with these folks. They are warm, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. As sailing neophytes, we knew nothing, and they went out of their way to make our whole experience an absolute joy. I can't wait to do it again!"

- Martin Delacroix Paris

Skippered sailing in Corsica and Sardinia

If you love sea and peaceful moments. If you consider broadening your horizons whilst escaping from the typical vacation rules. If you seek to live Corsica and Sardinia with a unique and unforgettable way, then visit the Corsica and Sardinia islands with our private sailing skippered cruises.

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    Explore two of Europe's most beautiful islands. Unravel the contrasting and unique identities of Corsica and Sardinia, which reveals the rugged natural beauty and fascinating cultures of these unspoilt islands.
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    Our private sailing cruises operate on a weekly basis. This means you can choose between a single, 2 week or 3 week sailing skippered charter. Our departures takes place on Saturday.
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    Confirm your booking and get ready for your sailing adventure! You will be able to speak the captain of your yacht. He is carefully selected and trained to manage the yacht, keep you safe and enhance your onboard experience.

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Wild, exotic and remote; cosmopolitan and cutting-edge; untouched and tranquil, discover our incredible Corsica and Sardinia islands sailing destinations.
See the world. Differently.

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Our sailing destinations

Corsica and Sardinia are perfect cousins: one French, the other Italian, one rugged and mountainous, the other sleek and manicured.

Sardinia or Corsica?

Corsica is a place to hide (and enjoy the lure of simply cooked local food), while Sardinia is the place to glitter, especially along its emerald coast.

Exceptional value for money

The Luxury 48ft crewed Catamaran Bella Vita offers plenty of deck space for alfresco dining or soaking up the Mediterranean sunshine.

New to sailing a catamaran?

Catamarans are the most popular charter yacht for three main reasons - they are stable, roomy and very light and airy with lots of windows.

Sail with a skipper

Our Crewed Yacht Charters are the pinnacle of all inclusive luxury: your private floating five-star villa, with crew at your service.

Skipper training

We are extremely proud of the quality of our skippers and crew. They are a wonderful group, guaranteed to provide a fantastic holiday!.

Catamaran sailing holidays

We have been organising sailing holidays in Corsica and Sardinia for 10 years and are now one of the leading independent yacht charter agencies.

Tailor made holiday

Itineraries are tailor-made for each guest with the help of the skipper, so you can safely travel when and where you would like.

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Sail the stunning Sardinian coastline of Costa Smeralda, Maddalena Islands, Lavezzi Islands and Bonifacio Corsica with professional skipper.

You're only few steps away from a summer to remember!

Close your eyes and imagine being onboard a luxury catamaran, with luxury amenities at your fingertips. The pink-sand beaches and sun-drenched shores are calling your name. From the nightlife of Bonifacio or Porto Cervo, to the seclusion and privacy of Caprera or Tavolara...

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