Sailing Corsica and Sardinia

Exploring Corsica and Sardinia by Sailboat

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French Corsica together with Italian Sardinia offers some of the most pleasant cruising grounds in the western Mediterranean, especially with nearby Elba and the straits of Bonifacio.

There are hundreds of coves with brilliant white idyllic beaches, plenty of anchorages and good marinas. Some older town centres are very attractive.
Corsica is very mountainous and consists largely of high mountains, has an average altitude of 568 meters and the highest mountain is Monte Cinto at 2706 meters.

in Sardinia is a must see the Costa Smeralda (“Emerald Coast”) with its magic beaches and villages. The area is a luxurious tourist destination, with highly affluent European and Arabian VIPs visiting from entertainment, politics and industry.

In the south of Corsica is the Strait of Bonifacio, a strait that separates Corsica and Sardinia. Here the coast is very rugged and large white cliffs tower over the sea.

The Strait of Bonifacio is a dream destination for sailors, as because of the nozzle effect there is always a sailing wind. It is worth a trip to the Maddalena Archipelago, a stunning group of islands off the north coast of Sardinia.

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    Our crews know every inch of every island and they also know very well where to spend the most amazing night at anchor, reducing the docking fees to enjoy a unique experience: it will feels like staying in a luxury hotel suite but under the stars and with breath-taking view.
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    An Italian Island, very close to the center of the Mediterranean, with a uncontaminated sea and many coves barely touched by man. Sardinia is the perfect destination for an eco-cruise on a sailing boat.
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