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7 Day Itinerary - From Macinaggio to Capraia and Elba Islands

7 Day Itinerary - From Macinaggio to Capraia and ElbaDAY 1:

Macinaggio is the largest marina and fishermen base of Cap Corse, whose style will plunge you into a picturesque and authentic Corsica. Landscapes, still wild, are of exceptional beauty and rarity.

Macinaggio bay has several coves and sandy beaches, most accessible by boat. Because of their protected status, these sites still wild but also a quiet and beautiful nature landscapes.

DAY 2:

21 NM Heading to Capraia.
A wild and fascinating island, a true Mediterranean gem, one of the seven sisters islands of the Tuscan archipelago. Its small harbor is lovely and the small village perched in a citadel will seduce you! There are some possibilities of anchorages north of the port or off the port in front of a small beach.

DAY 3:

27 NM Departure to Portoferraio on Elba.
Visit the historic center and walk to Fort Falcone where the view is breathtaking! The time has come to give you a well-deserved rest on the beach of the Ghiaie so transparent water break, or that of Sansone, fine gravel beach made famous through advertising Acqua dell'Elba (Elba's water).

DAY 4:

24 NM Departure to the East Coast.
you can anchor in one of the most beautiful bays of the island: the Gulf of Biodola with its beautiful sandy beach, connected to an equally beautiful beach, Scaglieri.

Then, sailing into the bay Procchio with one of the most famous beaches of the island. The site Cervinia where we proceeded to the smelting of copper and iron in antiquity is nearby.

Next, navigate along the west of the island towards Marciana Marina, which has several coves. Notice the lovely little island where it is said that Pauline Bonaparte liked to go swimming. You choose your own piece of paradise to drop anchor!

DAY 5:

24 NM Heading south of the Island.
Towards Cavoli-Seccheto and join one of the most beautiful beaches on the Elbe, Fetovaia where the sea is worthy of the Caribbean. Sail to Marina di Campo you can visit and anchor south of the island in the Gulf of Lacona, a deep bay on a background of gently sloping sand.

DAY 6:

10 NM Heading to Capoliveri.
A pretty medieval village full of charm perched on the promontory. Small market of local products animated squares and streets are overrun with tables, covered with the best dishes of the Elbe exquisite perfumes. Then navigate to Cavo through Porto Azzurro and Rio Marina where you can choose to swim and relax in one of the coves along the coastline.


DAY 7:

44 NM Back to Macinaggio.
And if you want to enjoy one last time fins, snorkels, will anchor at the beach before returning to Tamarone Macinaggio harbor at night. Indeed, Macinaggio bay has several coves and sandy beaches, most accessible by boat. Because of their protected status, these sites keep a pristine wilderness but also a quiet and beautiful scenery.., to disembark on Saturday, yes, this is the end of this wonderful sailing cruise!

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