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7 Day Itinerary - From Macinaggio to the west coast of Corsica

7 Day Itinerary - From Macinaggio to the west coast of CorsicaDAY 1:

Macinaggio is the largest marina and fishermen base of Cap Corse, whose style will plunge you into a picturesque and authentic Corsica. Landscapes, still wild, are of exceptional beauty and rarity.

Macinaggio bay has several coves and sandy beaches, most accessible by boat. Because of their protected status, these sites still wild but also a quiet and beautiful nature landscapes.

DAY 2:

40 NM From Macinaggio to Centuri and Saint Florent.
Centuri is a small picturesque and colorful port. It is a haven of peace, away from the noisy crowd and packed beaches

Take time to walk through the narrow streets and sit at the terrace of one of the few cafes and restaurants on the waterfront. Change of scenery guaranteed!

Then you can navigate to Saint Florent and spend the night. Saint Florent, located in one of the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean, is now a popular resort without losing its authenticity. You can discover the ancient buildings such as the Cathedral of the twelfth century or the fifteenth Citadel, but you can also enjoy strolling along the waterfront and take advantage of the permanent animation of the marina in the heart of village.

The beautiful beaches of the Gulf of St Florent among the most beautiful of Corsica, with idyllic landscapes. The quality of the sand and turquoise waters are remarkable.

Anchor at the beach Roya then sail towards Ile Rousse.

DAY 3:

22 NM Heading the Ile Rousse
L'Ile-Rousse, the lighthouse perched on the peninsula of the Pietra is known for its incomparable sunsets, is a popular resort in the summer. She has three beautiful sandy beaches, a record summer temperatures, among the hottest and a hinterland with stunning color.

A pedestrian promenade separates the city from its beach and take you to the city center and its famous square Paoli where a covered market with multiple columns separates the picturesque streets of the historic heart.

Head to south, we will sail to Calvi.

DAY 4:

16 NM Departure to Calvi.
The Gulf of Calvi, ringed by mountains, has a beautiful white sand beach of 5km. Its Its pleasure port and small marina is protected by the famous Genoese citadel of the thirteenth century.

It is a city at the height of his fame, there's something for everyone: you can walk along the beautiful boardwalk between the beach and pine forest, stroll through the Clemenceau street or lunch on the harbor and visit uptown. In summer, the city comes alive and vibrates to the sound of music in the evening along the waterfront where the terraces are full of tourists


DAY 5, 6 and 7:

78 NM Back to Macinaggio
It'll just turn around stopping at ports or beaches to your desires sandstone, the skipper will in all cases advise you on the best anchorages in the area. You're spoiled for choice!

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