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14 Day Itinerary - Around Corsica from Macinaggio

14 Day Itinerary - Around Corsica from MacinaggioDAY 1:

Macinaggio is the largest marina and fishermen base of Cap Corse, whose style will plunge you into a picturesque and authentic Corsica. Landscapes, still wild, are of exceptional beauty and rarity.

Macinaggio bay has several coves and sandy beaches, most accessible by boat. Because of their protected status, these sites still wild but also a quiet and beautiful nature landscapes.

DAY 2:

40 NM From Macinaggio to Centuri and Saint Florent.
Centuri is a small picturesque and colorful port. It is a haven of peace, away from the noisy crowd and packed beaches

Take time to walk through the narrow streets and sit at the terrace of one of the few cafes and restaurants on the waterfront. Change of scenery guaranteed!

Then you can navigate to Saint Florent and spend the night. Saint Florent, located in one of the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean, is now a popular resort without losing its authenticity. You can discover the ancient buildings such as the Cathedral of the twelfth century or the fifteenth Citadel, but you can also enjoy strolling along the waterfront and take advantage of the permanent animation of the marina in the heart of village.

The beautiful beaches of the Gulf of St Florent among the most beautiful of Corsica, with idyllic landscapes. The quality of the sand and turquoise waters are remarkable.

DAY 3 AND 4:

32 NM L'Ile Rousse and Calvi
L'Ile-Rousse, the lighthouse perched on the peninsula of the Pietra is known for its incomparable sunsets, is a popular resort in the summer. She has three beautiful sandy beaches, a record summer temperatures, among the hottest and a hinterland with stunning color.

A pedestrian promenade separates the city from its beach and take you to the city center and its famous square Paoli where a covered market with multiple columns separates the picturesque streets of the historic heart.

Head to south, we sail to Calvi. The Gulf of Calvi, ringed by mountains, has a beautiful white sand beach of 5km. Its Its pleasure port and small marina is protected by the famous Genoese citadel of the thirteenth century.

It is a city at the height of his fame, there's something for everyone: you can walk along the beautiful boardwalk between the beach and pine forest, stroll through the Clemenceau street or lunch on the harbor and visit uptown. In summer, the city comes alive and vibrates to the sound of music in the evening along the waterfront where the terraces are full of tourists.

DAY 5 AND 6:

31 NM Reserve Scandola Girolata and Creeks of Piana.
A sailing trip in the exceptional site of the nature reserve, as a World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO is absolutely essential and unforgettable!

Landscapes of few kilometers of coastline that represent the Scandola Nature Reserve and the Piana coves, are stunningly beautiful. The splendor of its sites and the diversity of its resources make it particularly enriching excursion.

Have a stop to spend the night in Girolata, this small village of fishermen specialize in fishing for lobsters, has the distinction of being accessible by foot or boat with not more than 15 year round residents. Everything changes the summer even when the available places in the little harbour are limited to a few lucky boats!

The Gulf of Girolata is one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

You can continue navigating the next day into the Gulf of Porto, situated in the middle of the reserve Scandola at north and the creeks of Piana at south. The colors are amazing, going from orange rocks in deep blue sea​,not to mention the green and red maquis its fabulous sunsets!

The creeks of Piana, with its amazing pink granite rocks, 400 meters high, its clear waters, its inaccessible caves, host a rich marine life that men are trying to preserve, this site is a World Heritage UNESCO. You can come across many gulls, cormorants and sea eagles.


DAY 7:

32 NM Capo Rosso, Cargèse and Iles Sanguinaires
Sailing along the coast to the famous Capo Rosso, a projecting peninsula is dominated by the Genoese tower of Turghio, which rises to 330 meters. Then head to the Gulf of Sagone.

Cargèse with its fishing port and picturesque marina is located at the bottom knew Sagone Bay. It is nicknamed "the Greek city" because of its two churches one of Latin style, right in front of the other, in the Byzantine style. It's a nice resort with a Mediterranean atmosphere. The Club Mediterranee has established there by one of the most beautiful holiday resorts.

Further south, you reach the Sanguinary Islands, a nature reserve of rare plants. Historically, they are called Bloodthirsty, not for the color red at sunset, but because of coral fishermen nicknamed "sanguinari" (people with black blood), returning from Africa and making their quarantinable period here living in makeshift.

DAY 8:

10 NM The Gulf of Ajaccio
The capital of Corsica and Napoleon city worth visiting especially in the old town, around the harbor. You can visit including the Bonaparte home or Fesch museum. The old town is full of narrow streets with colorful houses, with a walking area and a large market... It's time to take your supplies for the boat!

DAY 9:

25 NM Propriano et Roccapina
Further south, after passing along the coast of the Gulf of Ajaccio, you get to Propriano, very touristy and for good reason: you will find beautiful beaches like Porto-Pollo, and Campomoro Baracci but also a wonderful hinterland, which deserves a little break.

This is the time to take fins and snorkels! The sea color turquoise invites you to discover its seabed. Then continue to Roccapina, no property nearby, only beautiful nature. You might think on a desert island if there were not as busy in the summer! I must admit: Roccapina Bay is an ideal place to anchor.

DAY 10:

37 NM Bonfacio
Located at the southern tip of Corsica is the most visited city of Corsica and for good reason!.

The old town, built on an immense limestone cliffs overlooking nearly 70 meters tall narrow sea passage of Bonifacio Mouths. With its tall buildings and crowded streets, it has many treasures to discover.

The pretty marina, with its harbor and fishing boats and pleasure craft is lined with cafes and restaurants that invite you to relax during the day as the music vibrates the docks as soon as the sun sets.

Bonifacio is unique and is the ideal starting point for a cruise in paradise coves nearby but also to visit the Lavezzi Islands, a nature reserve since 1982. Swimming, sunbathing and discovery are guaranteed!

DAY 11:

20 NM Piantarella and Gulf of Santa Manza
Faced with the Lavezzi islands Piantarella is a real lagoon with its beautiful sandy beach especially popular spot for its kite surfing and windsurfing. In some places the water is very low and allows you to link, feet in the water, the island of Piana and the bank. Crystalline turquoise waters and have nothing to envy to those of the Caribbean!

Located in the Gulf Sant'Amanza, Santa Manza Beach is one of the most beautiful on the island. It has a unique charm, surrounded by its limestone cliffs and granite rocks!

It is also the ideal place for windsurfers, with its small beaches all sheltered from the winds!

DAY 12:

15 NM Rondinara and Santa Giulia
These sleepy bays, worthy of the most beautiful postcards are among the most beautiful sites of Corsica not to be missed..

Rondinara, natural bay sheltered from strong sea currents, reveals a turquoise of exceptional quality as the Santa Giulia bay blue sea, with its rocks, crystal clear water and fine white sand. Buoys are available for boats, it's worth it to stay here for the night and walk to the beach to swim in the morning, if you feel like it, the water is really inviting!

DAY 13:

14 NM Porto Vecchio et la baie de Pinarellu

In addition to its beautiful beaches, Porto Vecchio and its historic center worth visiting, you can visit include the Church of St. John the Baptist chapel and Santa Cruce. Its marina is one of the best equipped in France ports, you can spend the night if you wish. Then departure for the Bay of Pinarello. Feel free to drop anchor in the bay where the beach is absolutely beautiful before heading to Bastia! It is best to navigate the night to arrive in Bastia in the morning.

DAY 14:

85 NM Bastia and return to Macinaggio
You are at Bastia, where you can enjoy visiting the old town and buy local products on the market before continuing navigation to Macinaggio.

If you want to enjoy one last time fins, snorkels, will anchor at the Tamarone beach before returning to Macinaggio harbor at night to to disembark on Saturday, yes, the cruise ends here with certainly full of unforgettable memories of Corsica!

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