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Catamaran Charter
French & Italian Riviera

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Yacht Cruising Area

French Riviera Nautical DistancesExploring the French Riviera by Sailboat

Sailing along the French Riviera coast

The French Riviera offers the most beautiful sailing areas in the western Mediterranean, especially with its bays and prestigious ports and islands with turquoise waters.

We found there varied landscapes, from picturesque ports to modern marinas, passing through bays and capes with many moorings. This succession of ports and villages both stylish and authentic are certainly very attractive.
The French Riviera, with its moderate breezes and sunshine guaranteed to reserve a dream sailing navigation.

It is a destination that surprises with its colors and its many facets.

You can navigate the liking of your desires and your pleasures, be they cultural, gastronomic or purely marine.

Sailing Conditions

The sailing season extends mainly from mid-March to late October. During the summer, the winds are low. Along the coast of the French Riviera, the sea knows long periods of calm with usually a nice breeze that promotes sailing, especially in the West, close to the Levant islands where a thermal sea breeze is up in the late morning and can reach twenty knots at the end of the afternoon, at the height of its activity.


Climate and Weather

The French Riviera is experiencing a Mediterranean climate characterized by exceptional sunshine almost 300 days a year and mild temperatures much of the year.


K6 Yachting Ltd is a UK based company, with professional highly qualified Skipper and crew. Our Catamaran Yacht is certificated and inspected for safety by the Malta Maritime Authority.

With a crewed luxury catamaran yacht charter… enjoy the difference. Explore the stunning crystal clear turquoise bays, relax and feel the exhilaration of being sailed by a professional crew to your next destination.


We offer our guests personalised itineraries, an example of a fourteen night itinerary takes you from Saint-Raphael harbor to the islands Iles d'Or, including Saint-Tropez and its beautiful gulf, Le Lavandou, Bormes-les-Mimosas, Port Man, Port Cros, Porquerolles, return passing from Pampelonne beaches and Sainte-Maxime.

Ports and Marinas:

French Riviera

Riviera dei Fiori, Italy

French Riviera Airport

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