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French & Italian Riviera

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Riviera dei Fiori

Riviera dei Fiori sailing holidaysDiscover the Riviera dei Fiori

The Riviera dei Fiori is part of the Riviera di Ponente, which is divided into two parts: the Riviera delle Palme (Riviera Palm trees) in the province of Savona and the Riviera dei fiori (Riviera of Flowers) in the province of Imperia with San Remo.

The Riviera dei Fiori, located in the western part of Liguria, extends from San Remo to Ventimiglia.

Sandy beaches and stunning cliffs alternate along the coast. Touristic localities are known for their attractions but especially for their crystalline water.

The coastline is dotted with small towns that are real jewels of the area, including Sanremo, the city of flowers (do not miss the opportunity to visit its beautiful flower market) best known for the famous Festival of Italian Song and its Casino. The city also offers a scenic golf course.

Bordighera is among the finest towns of the coast. From here, when the sky is clear, you can enjoy breathtaking views from Arma di Taggia to Montecarlo. The city is known for its palm trees which are also exported by the French Riviera.

The last resort before the border is Ventimiglia, whose historic center hosts unique artistic masterpieces and partly hidden on the left bank of the river Roya.

The coast is distinguished by its mild climate, its tourist facilities and its host structures of all kinds.

His cooking can be defined as the most Mediterranean among the Italian cooking.

Its climate, comparable to that of large islands (Sardinia, Sicily), creates in fact the ideal conditions for the cultivation of vines, olive trees, cereals, pulses, green vegetables, fruits, and flavors that are the basis of the local cooking.

The climate is a Mediterranean climate characterized by exceptional sunshine; summer temperatures range between 25 and 30 degrees, sometimes more.
During the summer, the winds are often weak. On the French Riviera, the mistral (northwest wind) coming down from the Rhone valley remains occasional and more calm to Saint Raphael. Easterly winds are clearly dominant all year. At these prevailing winds, we can add the wind named Le Ponant, a southwest wind that is particularly sensitive in the bay of Saint Raphael. Le Ponant is usually a nice breeze that promotes sailing.

The Riviera dei Fiori ports

  • San Remo
  • Bordighera
  • Ventimiglia

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