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7 Days Itinerary - From Saint-Raphael to Porquerolles

7 Days Itinerary - From Saint-Raphael to PorquerollesDAY 1: Saint-Tropez and Canoubiers cove

The arrival on the Gulf of Saint-Tropez is just beautiful! The enchantment continues if anchored in the Anse des Canoubiers, between the ramparts and the amazing Borelli castle.

By putting the midway course between the citadel of Saint-Tropez and the heights of the Cape of Saint-Tropez, you get right on the Anse des Canoubiers.

If nauticals maps mention Canebiers, the frequently name used on site is Canoubiers. The best-known anchor is at the bottom of the cove.

DAY 2: The Iles d'Or - The Ile du Levant and Port Man

Direction the Iles d'Or, Port Cros : the Ile du Levant, naturist island and the bay of Port Man on the island of Port Cros, the wildest and most unspoiled island of Iles d'Or.
here no car, no cycling, browsing the island on foot.

This is the ideal place for snorkeling or scuba diving as the seabed is particularly rich there. This cove which penetrates deeply to the NE point of the island of Port-Cros is clear from danger and forms a broad anchorage in a pleasant green setting.

DAY 3: Port-Cros

Tour of the island of Port Cros, National Park, a paradise for flora and fauna underwater. You can also make the underwater trail of Palud, snorkeling to discover the Mediterranean flora and fauna underwater in a protected area, and then go towards Porquerolles.

DAY 4 and 5: Porquerolles

Porquerolles, tour of the island and moorings.
The island has two faces: in the south, dominated by a steep coast cliffs which hide some creeks that deserve. In the north, sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

In the center, cultivated plains where the plant collections of botanical conservatory extend. The beaches of the island of Porquerolles are certainly the most beautiful and most typical of the Var coast. Possible anchorages in bays.

DAY 6: Port-Grimaud

Then back to the Gulf of Saint-Tropez to explore the beautiful coves, beaches and harbors that succeed one another around Saint Tropez.

Mooring in Port Grimaud, often called the "Venice of Provence" is a private lakeside town in the heart of the Gulf of Saint Tropez, facing the sea, with its colorful facades and roman tiles, its narrow streets that follow the winds or the sun , a place where every home is served by a land access and a dock where you can moor your boat.

DAY 7: Return

return to Saint-Raphaël harbor

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