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14 Day Itinerary - From Bonifacio in southern Corsica and Sardinia

14 Day Itinerary - From Bonifacio in southern Corsica and SardiniaDAY 1:

Welcome to Bonifacio! Located at the southern tip of Corsica is the most visited city of Corsica and for good reason.

The old town, built on an immense limestone cliffs overlooking nearly 70 meters tall narrow sea passage of Bonifacio. With its tall buildings and crowded streets, it has many treasures to discover. First night on board.

DAY 2:

11 NM Piantarella bay and Lavezzi Islands.
Faced with the Lavezzi islands Piantarella is a real lagoon with its beautiful sandy beach especially popular spot for its kite surfing and windsurfing. In some places the water is very low and allows you to link, feet in the water, the island of Piana and the bank. Crystalline turquoise waters have nothing to envy to those of the Caribbean!

Heading to the Lavezzi Islands, a nature reserve since 1982, an archipelago of small islands and reefs granite. Anchor at the Cala Lazzarina where you can use your snorkel to explore the seabed or relax on the beautiful sandy beaches or even walk along the few roads available. The fauna and flora of the islands are unique and it is an inevitable stop before sailing to Sardinia.

DAY 3 AND 4:

18 NM Heading to the La Maddalena and Caprera islands.
Visit the National Park of La Maddalena, swimming in the crystal clear waters, anchor in Cala Francese for example. Then to the picturesque port of the island of La Maddalena to visit this very friendly village, an ancient village of fishermen, bustling with restaurants, night markets and shops. A must see!

Morning departure to Caprera, which is worth a visit and where the memory of Garibaldi is present with the house-museum to visit if you can.

Warning: to navigate the Maddalena Archipelago, you must obtain a special permit, on

DAY 5:

7 NM Passes from Bisce Island and Porto Cervo.
Heading to Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo via the Isle of Bisce, nearby Caprera, still wild and preserved. It's the perfect spot for sailing enthusiasts, it is between the Isle of Caprera and Bisce takes place indeed the Louis Vuitton Trophy regatta, one of the largest in the world.

Anchor in one of the coves for lunch and then departure for Porto Cervo. This well-known port and touristic houses the finest yachts in the Mediterranean. You can perhaps come across stars of show biz, seated at an outdoor cafe!

DAY 6:

20 NM Heading to Cala di Volpe and the Gulf of Aranci.
Cala di Volpe include 4 of the finest beaches of the Costa Smeralda, where the sea has this characteristic emerald color. You can anchor in one of the beaches except that which is private, in front of the luxury hotel named Cala di Volpe.

Then towards the Gulf of Aranci where you can stay at anchor and take the opportunity to visit the old fishing village, a charming lovely village in summer.

DAY 7:

9 NM Olbia and its night market.
Olbia is not just a resort, with miles of beautiful beaches, but it is also a city full of history. You can visit there and archaeological sites Nuraghe Mulinu Riu (Cabu Abbas), Tomb of the Giants or the Sacred Well of Sa Testa.

In the evening, guests can enjoy one of the many restaurants before you walk on the big night market where you can find all kinds of local products and crafts.

DAY 8:

10 NM Tavolara and restaurant not to be missed.
The small island of Tavolara is unique and has an amazing story! It was, from 1836 to 1934, an independent kingdom which ruled the only family living places, Bertoleoni. Today the descendants of this family run the fabulous restaurant where you can savor the best spaghetti with crabs in Sardinia!

Before going to the restaurant, stroll along the long pristine white sand beach with calm and crystal clear waters where you can drop anchor and indulge in the joys of snorkeling.

DAY 9:

19 NM Up towards to Porto Rotondo.
Porto Rotondo (meaning "Port Round") takes its name from a natural bay on the Costa Smeralda describing an almost perfect circle.

Porto Rotondo is a luxury very popular with celebrities from entertainment, sports and fashion maritime tourist center.

In the small tourist port, surrounded by prestigious villas with bright colors, you can see ships of all types and sizes. Go stroll around the Piazzetta San Marco (St. Mark's Square) in the heart of the village and you will find shops, boutiques and trendy shops.

Cultural and artistic side, you can visit the characteristic Amphitheatre, built entirely of granite, and the beautiful church of San Lorenzo, artwork of Andrea Cascella, in which are not less than 200 wooden statues depicting scenes sacred.

DAY 10:

36 NM Northern Sardinia, Palau and Porto Pollo.
Palau is one of the most famous locations in northern Sardinia.

In summer, the city comes alive in a special way along the harbor and along the main street, Via Nazionale, with a concentration of shops and small restaurants of typical Sardinian cuisine.

Cultural side around Palau, you can go to the rock of Capo d'Orso, a large rock sculpted by the wind recalls precisely the shape of a bear, but also the many archaeological sites in Palau.

Then, towards the dolphin bay of Porto Pollo is a paradise for water sports! it is the ideal place indeed for windsurfing safely with schools on the spot if you want to take some lessons.

The beaches are beautiful and you can stay at anchor without problems at the bottom of the bay, sheltered from the westerlies and north.

DAY 11:

10 NM Porto Pozzo and Santa Teresa Gallura.
The bay of Porto Pozzo is also called Ulysses bay, which gets its name from the imaginary encounter between Ulysses and Lestrigoni in the village of Porto Pozzo. This bay is the deepest in the Mediterranean. The tourist port of Porto Pozzo is well equipped but you can also put you at anchor at the bottom of the bay, well protected from all winds.

Then, towards Santa Teresa Gallura, located on a small promontory, just across Bonifacio. This is a famous seaside resort with an attractive village with colorful houses and cobbled streets, which is organized around the church of San Vittorio. Its marina is well sheltered in a bay that extends deep into the interior.

DAY 12:

11 NM Budelli and Razzoli Islands.
The Isle of Budelli is part of the National Park of La Maddalena. You can visit "by far" the famous pink beach, Spiaggia Rosa because it is forbidden to swim, to walk, or even to walk on her pink sand whose characteristic is to be made up of many pieces of coral, shell fragments and shards of granite rock.

You can navigate to the coves of Cala Piatto and Cala Cisternone and there snorkelling in clear blue waters of turquoise.

Then towards the island of Razzoli, where you can head to the exotic Cala Lunga.

DAY 13:

11 NM Gulf Sant'Amanza.
Back to Corsica to the Gulf of Sant'Amanza, Sant'Amanza Beach is one of the most beautiful on the island. It has a unique charm, surrounded by its limestone cliffs and granite rocks!

It is also the ideal place for windsurfers, with its small beaches all sheltered from the winds!

The Sant'Amanza sunsets are so beautiful...

DAY 14:

13 NM Return to Bonifacio. Disembarking on Saturday morning at 09am

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